Our Story

I’m sure we share the same story and that’s why we are working to reshape Big & Tall Men’s clothing. We know that men’s sizing does not end at 1x, so we are here to add as many as needed to make sure you are well clothed. So you can...


4MAT Clothing has been founded from the most genuine place possible…NECESSITY. I know the difficulty in finding quality, comfortable, fitting clothing. I know your struggle firsthand. I have vowed to change that. 

 Being a Big & Tall man my entire adult life. Even back in high school I then struggled with finding stylish clothing in my size. Getting stylish clothes that fit well has always been a chore. I use to go to the mall on weekends and look at all the cool stuff available and I soon realized that none of it was for me. I often had to scour the internet to find "worthwhile" fashionable options. It was no easy or enjoyable task. (It took a lot of work to become best dressed in high school.) 

 After struggling with this for so long I decided to confront the problem head on. I know that just like me some of my friends faced the same issues and would often come to me for help as well as some strangers I would see when I would go out. I realized that not every Big & Tall man had the time or know-how to scour the web for stylish options. This alone causes many men to just accept the options that are available. And I do not want any man to have to SETTLE when it comes to feeling great in your clothing. I do not expect it to be easy. But it will be worth it for us all. 

With this focus I commit to ensuring our brand keeps the Big & Tall Man our absolute priority. We are developing an extensive strategy to provide men with all the stylish essentials needed to enhance their wardrobe without having to spend ridiculous hours searching and hoping for something that fits and matches your style. 4MAT Clothing will provide quality, functional, stylish clothing. We are working very hard to ensure size uniformity, which is often overlooked. When you experience our clothing your size will always be your size. That 3x will always be a 3x. Removing the anxiety from the shopping experience while providing the best styled options. I will not sacrifice these principles or offer anything less than what I would wear myself. You can bet that!

I thank you for joining us on this journey.

From the Founder – Wilbert Rogers

We Are an Evolving Brand

We do not claim to have all the solutions. But what we do guarantee is that we are evolving. We will look at all the factors available. This includes manufacturing, materials, styling, sizing, etc. We will innovate and iterate. Our brand is fueled by your feedback and input. We want to hear from you and take into consideration all your ideas and criticisms. We are not above feedback. We do not want this to being a clothing company we want this to be a LIFESTYLE. And we cannot do this without our customers. As we build this brand we will be expanding our team and our offering to make sure we cover your needs as much as possible. As you can see below we already have a lot of plans for what we will offer to enhance the Big & Tall Experience. As you can see, I often use we as we are growing all the time and there is plenty support here. So just know that you are apart of the WE.

Welcome to the 4MAT family!

4RM by 4MAT Basics

4RM by 4MAT is our basics collection focusing on underwear and delicate garments. With underwear being the first on and last off, it is important to perfect. We will add a little style to your often-mentioned unmentionables. If you are reading this then you know how hard it is to find quality Big & Tall underwear. It is also a task finding underwear B&T underwear that provides style and comfort. We will focus on making sure that we have Big & Tall men covered. Literally and figuratively.