The Who? What? and Why? Behind 4MAT Clothing

The Who? What? and Why? Behind 4MAT Clothing

So I decided I wanted to give a closer look into where 4MAT Clothing is beginning. I wanted to give a look into my life and the events that have led to me going down the path of creating the best Big & Tall Mens Clothing experience through building 4MAT Clothing.

To begin, I think it is only right to give a little background about myself. My name is Wilbert Rogers, better known as Wil. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I have always been Big & Tall since I was a child and have always prided myself with being stylish and fashion forward. Going through high school my appearance was very important and this translated over to my days in college. I attended Rochester Institute of Technology. While in college the importance of my appearance and fashion focus increased. Image was very important to me, and those around me knew this. I made sure I dressed well when it mattered even with the difficulties present being a Big & Tall Man. This is where I knew there was a huge void in fashion for Big & Tall Men.

After being in Corporate America as well as navigating my way through the difficulties of entrepreneurship, I realized that appearance was very important. So I begin having certain clothing specially made including suits and shirts. And then I got the idea to have a local tailor custom make me some underwear as I felt the options available were less than impressive. After receiving my first pair I knew at that moment that there was no way I was the only one with these problems and that I could not keep this to myself.

This is where 4MAT Clothing was birthed. I always had an idea of creating a Big & Tall Brand and I even had a previous idea to create a Big & Tall marketplace (still in the works), but the most important part was to have a product to offer where I could control the creation and quality. As this was my biggest motivation. Often times the big & tall options available sacrifice style or quality just for the sake of fit. Meaning they simply make big clothing with no focus on the most important parts. Just because we are big men does not mean we don't deserve quality and style.

Big & Tall Clothing. This is a problem I am vowing to solve with extreme mastery.

This is just the beginning of the story.

Stay Tuned!


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