What is 4RM?

What is 4RM?

4RM by 4MAT Clothing is a modern underwear line focusing on providing fashionable, fitting Mens Big & Tall undergarments. This underwear line will focus on boxer briefs, undershirts and socks to begin with and we will be rolling out new products regularly.

Our focus will be on Fashion along with Fit and Function. In the current marketplace it seems to be a general consensus that you cannot have the above (fashion, fit, & function) without sacrificing at least one of the others. And all men deserve all of these elements into their clothing underwear and general clothing as well.

  1. Fashion - Every man should have access to fashion in their wardrobe. We will inject a healthy dose of style into every piece. There will be varying degrees of fashion to allow for a healthy collection of options to choose from. 
  2. Fit - With an EXCLUSIVE focus on Big & Tall Men it is our absolute goal to ensure that our undergarments are made with big & tall men in mind above all else. This means that your underwear fit around your waist and stay there as well as provide the most comfort for your daily wear.
  3. Function - With all of our items we want to make sure you get the best use out of your items in your day to day. That means they keep you protected while lounging, while at work, while at the gym. Protection while relaxing or while active all the while remaining comfortable and confident.
We will make sure that these 3 Core pillars into our clothing strategy to make sure we are providing the best experience for all Big & Tall Men. 4RM has got you covered!

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