We Deserve it Too

We Deserve it Too

When it comes to fashion there is no secret that often times quality clothing for bigger men and women are often shall we say "missing" for a lack of a better term. While it is hard to know every brands reasons we can speculate that there is a false narrative that somehow the larger you are the less you care about your appearance, which could not be further from the truth. While there is no proof that this is the case, I'm sure most will agree that this is how it makes US feel.

Perception does not always translate into reality but when it comes to this Big & Tall Clothing market it is clear that we are missing a lot of the fashion options that more "standardized" sized men have available. From high fashion brands and fashion houses, to trendy brands, up and coming and existing brands, big & tall presence is at an absolute minimum. To be honest it is even difficult to find quality and well sized essential and basic items, which is important to ALL men regardless of size.

With that said, more important than anything WE DESERVE IT TOO. Here at 4MAT Clothing we are going to see to it that we answer your needs. And we have selfish reasons too. Because the truth is that it is an issue that we needed to have solved for ourselves. And what good is it to keep this to ourselves?

We can't wait to provide you with great Big & Tall clothing essentials.  Keep those eyes open!

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