The Importance of Fit

The Importance of Fit

While we have 3 Core Focuses in our design and development methodology - Fashion, Fit, & Function there is much that needs to be emphasized when it comes to Fit especially within Big & Tall Mens Clothing.

It has been my experience both as a Big & Tall Man and as an entrepreneur studying the market that in general there are corners cut or aspects simply ignored when it comes to Big & Tall Mens Clothing. Not to bad mouth any other brands but we generally see poor fitting clothes, poor design (lacks function), lack of style design (lacks fashion focus) or most of all the items aren't to be found or are extremely hard to be found. This should not be the case.

Fit has such a great importance because all the other items mean nothing if we cannot fit into the items. And to fit into isn't simply enough. They have to be functional with that fit. Meaning Boxer Briefs, Boxers, Briefs, etc fit around your waist and stay there as you travel through your day whether relaxing or being active. No plumbers crack allowed. And your undershirts not only fit onto you but keep you covered. No stomachs exposed when you reach for something or no rising shirts as you sit. And this is just talking about the underclothes.

Being comfortable and well clothed should not be a hassle. We want to make sure your undergarments are well fitting and that is what 4RM by 4MAT Clothing is here to do and thats why we thought long and hard about making this our first collection that we release.

Once we get the basics established then we plan to continue to expand and build out all the other needs of Big & Tall Men.

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