Launch Update - July 2020

Launch Update - July 2020

Wil here. From 4MAT Clothing.

As you know the country and the world for that matter has been at a standstill or the very least moving at a snails pace. While we have been preparing for our launch as we had expected to get underway, we were impacted by Covid mainly due to our manufacturing partners. While we are sure and they have assured us of their ability to fulfill our needs, we wanted to make sure that every aspect of our logistics process was lock tight. With the main difficulty being worldwide shipping.

When dealing with so many moving pieces and desiring to provide the most customer friendly process available, it was important for us to place things on hold until every aspect of the process was up to our standards. We are a brand that believes in absolutely assuring that we can fulfill your needs as planned ahead of time. No unnecessary delays or anything like that. That is why we invested in initial manufacturing runs of our samples to ensure the process is smooth. So we can present you will as complete a product as possible.

As a company that is launching we know that the first impression is generally the impression that matters the most. And as much as we cannot wait to get all of you into our amazing clothing, we know that things have to be right. And while we can only control the things that WE can control, when relying on other partners we have to rely on their capabilities and the capabilities of service providers. And that IS our responsibility.

Now that we are seeing things smooth out you can be sure that you will get the chance to experience our launch in the very early part of 2021. Unless by some very amazing change of events we are able to confidently launch before then.

What have we been up to?

  1. We redesigned our 4MAT Clothing logo. More simplistic and stylish if you ask us. 4MAT Clothing
  2. Re-visited our launch collection offering to ensure the best and most needed options are available as soon as possible.
  3. Ensured all of our manufacturing partners are up and running.
  4. Developed and tested new samples as well as tested the factory production.
  5. Re-organize our launch timetable
  6. Committed to putting out the best product possible for Big & Tall Men.

We can't wait to get this in front of you. Stay Tuned

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