How did we get started?

How did we get started?

So heres the truth behind our story. 

There is no surprise that it is difficult and I do mean difficult to find quality stylish clothing as a Big & Tall Man. Too often you have to sacrifice size for style and vici versa. This is not the way clothing should be. I thoroughly believe in the theory of "you feel as well as you look".  Or some version of that.

So back to the story. I have been a Big & Tall Man...well...since I've been a man.  Even as a kid I was a bigger child and I have always been comfortable with that.  As a child I remember my mom taking me shopping regularly as she made sure I was always well clothed no matter how many stores we had to visit. As I continued to grow I slowly started to transition into wearing mens clothes as I entered my later years of middle school and in high school I was comfortably fitting into mens sized clothing.

As I began to do more and more of the shopping myself, my pride in my appearance continued to grow.  I would go from store to store to find the best items which was pretty easy since I no longer wore children sizes. I could access Men's fashion including some higher fashion items from time to time that some of my friends couldn't because they still wore smaller sizes or their family wouldn't spend the money because it wasn't a necessity. With the passion for fashion it won me best dressed amongst my class my senior year despite being a big kid. As I said I was always confident and this will go far if you use it right.

Before I go any further. I want to dispel the idea that somehow because you are a big & tall man that you are fat, or a slob, or don't care.  That is ridiculous.  Not everyone is made the same and I think we should all be thankful for that.  So no.  We are not making clothes for fat people.  We are making clothing with an emphasis on fashion and style for the neglected men.  Because men are built larger than a 1X!

Where was I?  Oh yea. So with time I continued to grow.  When I got to college I was comfortably fitting a 4x shirt and about a 48 waist and this is where I have remained steady. But I do know that men come in all shapes and sizes.  Some bigger. Some smaller.  Once I settled into my peak size I began to really notice what I started to realize a while before that...BIG AND TALL CLOTHING OPTIONS SUCK!!!

I have had to spend hours and I do mean hours to put together outfits and scour the web to find pieces that fit.  And even in doing so I had to hope that the sizing was consistent.  This was a full time job. Going to school for engineering, going to job interviews, working on other startup and pitching people looking great for me was a must. And unfortunately the larger I got the harder it got.  Even down to jeans and a was rough. I've been privileged to receive complement regarding my wardrobe by my fellow big & tall men, smaller men, women, etc so I felt that I should look into helping others.  I would often get inquiries into where I got my clothing. Nobody ever really new my struggle with shopping aside from my girlfriend while I was in college that would help me and my mother who would be a stylist from time to time.

So this is where we are now.  I plan on using my desire to look good personally to help other big and tall men find style and fashion in our sizes without sacrificing fit or fashion for function. This will be a long haul journey.  No here and gone tomorrow.  We will be around for a while.  And by a while we mean until......

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