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  • Steve M.

    "First day wearing them to work...Phenomenal. Don't know how I could go back to regular boxers and I'm serious. These are premium no doubt. Best I have ever worn and that's no bulls***."

  • Chris C.

    "...I put these through the wringer. And they came out good. You are on to something. I would promote your brand for free, Consider me the first member of the street team. The waistband has been a more than pleasant surprise and the material is without a doubt the best underwear material I've ever had the pleasure of wearing."

  • Justin D.

    "Hands down the best pair of underwear I own, Not only are these nice looking but they fit like no other, The material is the softest material I have ever had in a pair of underwear. I have no complaints here, Can't wait to get more."

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